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Take advantage of On the Mark's design and brochure printing expertise and make your first impression a powerful and lasting one with high quality, full color brochures. Professional-looking, promotional brochures and collateral will establish a compelling image for your company and help sell your products and services.

With On the Mark, brochure printing and design becomes a snap, since we can lead you through the entire process, from the initial designing process through choosing the most effective and professional way of bringing your brochure to print.

We have broad experience in various vertical industries and will assist you whether your needs are high tech data brochures, educational publications, medical field collateral or trade show handouts. We offer a flexible approach that lets us cover the entire design and print timeline in-house, or we can work hand-in-hand with your marketing/creative department to ensure highest quality output.

On the Mark will make recommendations on paper stock, sizing, special ink, unique foldings, mixed media, and many other variables to guide you toward the most effective and professional final result. Our staff uses this unique approach to craft high-quality brochures that convey your company's vision and offerings in the most compelling light. If you need some ideas for next brochure, please take a look at On the Mark's Guide to Brochure Printing - learn more about the power of paper stock, ink and coatings.

Please take a look at some brochure printing jobs that we've completed:

Every great brochure begins with excellent photography. Euphonix, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio equipment such as large format digital audio mixing consoles, utilized great photography. And the higher resolution printing method complimented it well. More...

This seven color Dominican Hospital brochure was distinctly special in many ways. A seldom-used, yet artful touch, was the use of a Copper colored wire to bind the booklet together. Also, two of the colors consist of a matte coating and gloss coating. The pictures were gloss coated; everywhere else, matte coated - yet one more reason to keep the reader engaged and captivated. More...

One of the most astounding features of this brochure is how we emulated their unique decorative metals: Spot gloss varnish and spot matte varnish were carefully applied to their "swatches." The resulting benefit was amazing: light interacts with the swatches similarly to an actual metal swatch! And this was printed on paper! More...


Pantone colors breathe life into many brochures. And metallics in particular have been found to really catch the eye. People simply can't ignore them! More...


"The best design we've ever had," was our client's remark of their latest brochure promoting a series of conferences accross the united states. A metalic ink was used throughout most of the brochure. And a spot gloss UV coating was applied over many of the photos, giving this pieces a most compelling edge.More...


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On the Mark provides award winning printing & design. Please click here to learn more about some of the awards we've received.