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What makes On the Mark so different in the industry is our total customized approach to your projects. And we feature our new "On the Mark Fool Proof System" that will help you reduce traditional printing risks to zero by offering you a proof right off the printing press. What you see is what you get - if you don't like it, we won't print it.

We will offer you some of the most dazzling calendar printing techniques to maximize the quality and look-and-feel of your calendar. And competitive pricing will allow you to have the best looking calendars on the shelf, while keeping them affordable for you to manufacture. Here you can take a look at some previous clients:


On the Mark design services enhanced the impact of this calendar for the Christian Cultural Center with an effective use of color and layout, as well as proper font selection. More...


With a finished size of 6.5" x 20," this calendar features an impressive display of Legacy Artists panoramic artwork. More...


On the Mark provided a combination of in-depth design support and top-notch print quality for this calendar for Austin-based All In One Bake Shop. More...


These University of the Nations calendars feature gloss UV coating on the cover, giving it a dynamic shine. A true, ink-on-paper proof was provided - a nice, color-assuring feature, when dealing with such a photographically stunning piece. More...


Mount Hermon Conference Center chose a more dramatic 12" x 22" open size for their 18 month calendar, celebrating their 100 year history! As a non-profit they were still able to afford the additional pages and larger size, thanks to offshore printing. More...


Some vital issues to focus on in calendar printing:

Make sure the Photography is super-high Quality
There's nothing that says "buy me!" more than compelling, crisp photography. Great calendar printing starts with great photography and if you need more photography resources, we can help you.

Understand the various Binding Techniques
There are many pros and cons to consider when choosing saddle stitch vs double Wire-O, etc. We can help you determine the best configuration for your project.

Take Advantage of the hidden Perks you get with Offset Printing
Make your calendar stand out above the rest: Use features like lamination, full UV coatings, spot coatings to highlight your product on the shelf. Many of these extras On the Mark is able to offer as a standard feature of your print job.

No Double-Guessing
You can't afford to double-guess what the final product will look like using blue-line or facsimilie proofs. We are one of only printers who will deliver proof directly from the printing press. You will be able to sign off on the actual calendar, virtually reducing the risk of color mis-matches, misaligned coatings, etc. to zero. At no additional cost.


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On the Mark provides award winning printing & design. Please click here to learn more about some of the awards we've received.