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  RAIL, a quarterly publication, is published by Community Transportation Association (CTAA), a non-profit organization based out of Washington, D.C. that has been bringing together community members to identify mobility challenges and design transit solutions since 1989.

The challenge of cutting costs while maintaining top-notch look-and-feel seemed like an impossibility. CTAA has

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always paid close attention to superior design and second-to-none quality. Even the unique size of the magazine is slightly different from most - closer to a European size. So naturally, they were encouraged by the lower overseas prices, while not needing to sacrifice their high standard of quality.

"Our magazine advertisers wouldn't be willing to pay the same for lower quality!" remarks Scott Bogren, Communications Director. And in addition, when their savings were multiplied by a factor of four per year, the total benefits were alluring. "After hearing of the potential in offshore savings, we were interested, yet reluctant, as we were certain the quality would be lower," recalls Bogren. "We were concerned until we saw the press proof. We had never seen an actual, printed, bound, and finished magazine as our proof! I can tell you, after that, I was relieved to see the level of quality and glad we made the decision."

Some minor changes and adjustments in the scheduling were easy to accommodate. "The first offshore issue was definitely the most challenging," comments Wendy Chamberlain, Graphic Designer. "We had to adjust our schedule and get used to the extra time for shipping. But now we don't even notice. It actually helps our long-term planning process."

"And the matte lamination has really improved the overall look and feel," says Wendy. "I'm very pleased we could save on costs and improve quality."


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