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  "Who can we trust to print this?"

For Carolina Ramirez, designer for MOZ Designs, that question needed an answer. "Management was eager to put these (brochures) in the hands of the sales team, yet I knew this would be a challenging project to print," remarks Ramirez.

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The features of their eight page "flagship" brochure included spot gloss UV coating, tinted varnish, a Pantone silver, Pantone red, & spot matte & spot gloss varnishes.

This was obviously a complex piece - one that would challenge the best-of- the- best. Carolina, a highly creative, seasoned designer, remarks, "A high-end project like this needed one of the best printers in California."

Carolina goes on to explain the unique beauty and challenge of their product line, and how to communicate that on paper:

"The decorative metals MOZ fabricates look three-dimensional. Although they are a 2D surface their patterns change, depending on which angle you're looking at them," explains Ramirez. "But how do you show that effect on metal, when you're printing on paper? I had seen similar effects using varnishes but had never used them. When On The Mark suggested we could emulate the metals' actual appearance on our brochure with special varnishing techniques, I was thrilled!

Carolina refers to a process created by production, before it goes on press. Matte and Gloss varnishes were selected to print over the light and dark places in the "metal swatch" section of the brochure. Doing this in the right measure would give it a three-dimensional effect.

"Honesty, I was delighted to partner with someone that helped us improve our high-end brochure. They printed it flawlessly," beams Ramirez. "I know 'high-end' won't mean 'high-stress, next time around."


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