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  Any publishing venture looking to succeed must watch their burn rate. Running out of money is not an option.

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When a Utah-based publishing venture called Site decided to consider overseas printing for their award-winning directory offshore, they weren't sure what to expect. They knew they couldn't spend the exorbitant amount they previously paid. The previous project had been conveniently printed in the states, but the high costs were becoming cost prohibitive. Hearing of lower costs overseas providers, they interviewed several firms. The challenge was to find a company that could insulate them from the risks of printing. After all, what did Site know about doing business in China?

It didn't take long and they had a top pick: On the Mark Printing. "What made On The Mark so appealing was their true commitment to handle the project from start to finish - literally holding our hand throughout the process," says Michael Stephenson, Managing Partner at Site. "We just didn't have the same level of confidence with anyone else."

Granted, price mattered. But if the price were extremely low without the quality expected from their high-end advertisers, these savings wouldn't mean a thing! Site's advertisers consist of the most creative professionals in the state, demanding the most out of any printer - stateside OR overseas.

"Seeing the finished product was what made a believer out of me," Stephenson remarks. "Believe me, I heard of horror stories going offshore, so we were naturally hesitant. But the extent to which On The Mark cared for our books was what made the difference."

The bottom line for Site was that On the Mark Printing was able to deliver a world-class 270-page directory while cutting the project costs drastically over the previous year.

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