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"How can we affordably print a high quality catalog, combining the quality and image of a marketing piece?" This was a question posed by University of the Nations, when planning their catalog.

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"The previous University catalog was 2 color and used a lower quality paper that did not do justice to the photographs" says Derek Chignell International Assistant Provost for the University of the Nations. But, costs were an issue," remembers Chignell. "So when On The Mark recommended improving the quality of the catalog AND within budget, we were ready to listen."

On The Mark educated the U of N as to the possibilities for improvement with offshore printing. A few major additions, such as high quality papers, full color inks, as well as full color printing throughout, was what On The Mark recommended. Adding to that an additional Pantone color on the front cover AND a quality matte lamination, and the catalog became a real piece of art - something that people would hold on to for longer.

"The fact that people would connect emotionally with the colors and the feel of the matte texture, was something we knew we couldn't afford," says Chignell. "These high end features were very attractive, I can tell you that. What made it impossible to ignore was the affordability! I know we wouldn't have achieved such a compelling catalog, had it not been for On The Mark."

Adding to that was the problem of logistics. University of the Nations spans the entire globe with 300 locations worldwide. "Shipping worldwide from one of our main offices would be quite a task. But having On The Mark ship to various locals around the globe took a lot of work off our hands. The transition from printing to delivery was amazingly fluid - quite painless, actually."

The bottom line: "This year, what made a huge difference was transforming an ordinary -looking project into an engaging, beautiful catalog which people will respond to," remarks Chignell.

"It's amazing to see the improvement!"

We couldn't agree more.


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