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Offshore Printing:
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Printing corporate annual reports? Calendars? Brochures? Guides? Offshore/overseas printing doesn't have to be a risk for you anymore. On the Mark will act as your offshore printing connection to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Here are some of the questions that come up often with our customers:

Won't printing offshore take too long?
Not at all. Many times partial airshipments can be incorporated into rush projects. These options can be offered as a turn-key solution with the job still being extremely competitive in the end. An initial shipment can get you a similar printing time-frame you would see with local printing.

I've had bad experiences with overseas printers. How can I be sure the project will be handled 100% professionally?
On the Mark has local project managers, so you are completely insulated from risk. We understand how to manage the overseas projects efficiently, with the resources to draw up contracts in the local language. With various options we will match your project with the most cost-effective solutions.

Is overseas pricing really that good?
In today's markets there is no other way to get the level of quality at the low price you can with offshore printing. You will have access to a variety of the highest quality presses to get you the best output available. Your budget will go much farther and you will have more access to additional printing options you might get at a local printer, such as spot coating, additional inks, etc. Let On the Mark become your creative consultant to navigate the many options and value-adds available to you with such a project.

Aren't there many risks associated with overseas printing?
Often a lack of communication in offshore projects will get you printing results that have little in common with your initial requirements. With On the Mark, this is not an issue, since you will have access to the "On the Mark Fool Proof System". This will help you reduce traditional risks to zero by offering you a proof right from the offshore printing press. What you see is what you get - if you don't like it, we won't print it. Other printers can't offer this insurance policy.

What other benefits are there when I print offshore?
On the Mark can hand hold you through the entire process from design to finished product. We can manage your travel plans and arrange accomodations for you, if you would like to do a press check. We will set up business services to accomodate your needs. For your convenience, all of this can be included in your final invoice.

Why On the Mark?
If you are ramping up for a large printing job, getting the most competitive pricing can make or break an entire project. Take advantage of On the Mark as your offshore printing partner -- we are your US source to the best overseas printing at the lowest available cost.

If you're looking for professional offshore or overseas printing, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote. As your overseas printing connection we will be able to offer you quality and pricing you never thought possible.


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