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Offshore Printing:
The Business Case
Why On the Mark?


Aren't only very large projects worth printing overseas?
Of course, it makes very little sense to consider printing 1000 brochures overseas, but you don't need Fortune 500 print runs to get your money's worth out of offshore printing. Often labor-intensive projects such as spiral binding and double wire-o bindings can make a print job well worth outsourcing because the high hourly costs you would incur in the US.

Shipping costs will kill the project, right?
Not at all. We guarantee that the money saved in printing overseas more than cover the shipping. Plus, it will let you get much more creative with your final output. What does that mean? You will be able to add a fifth or sixth color, spot coating, higher quality paper selections, unique inks, die cuts, and more. Partial air shipments can completely offset any shipping scheduling issues.

Isn't offshore printing quality usually lower?
Actually you probably will experience quite the opposite. Since your printing dollar will take you further, overseas, you might have access to even higher-end equipment not available to you at your local printer at home. There is no compromise when it comes to printing quality. Whether you are a print buyer at a leading corporation or an ad agency shopping for your client, your job will be handled on top equipment yielding superior results.

Aren't certain projects better handled at home?
We haven't run into any issues here. Our overseas staff have experience with the most complex print jobs imaginable. Company catalogs, industry guidebooks, fashion calendars, high-end marketing collateral, annual reports, art books - there is no limitation on scope. The more challenging, the better.


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