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It doesn't matter if you are a startup giving away calendars at your first distributor meeting, a winery doing 1.4 million bottle neckers, a Fortune 500 ad agency printing a top quality vendor quide or a software company concerned about displaying the best possible image to your investor with your annual report, we can help you succeed. On the Mark will help you lower your costs through offshore printing.

Take a look at some of these beautiful pieces we printed overseas, delivering levels of quality to our customers unavailable locally at similar budgets. Printing overseas will help you too unlock creative potential because of the additional options available to your offshore printing project: You will be able to add a fifth or sixth color, experiment with spot coatings, upgrade your paper choice or integrate die cuts.

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    The award winning, nationally acclaimed company SITE, chose On the Mark's offshore printing services for its high end creative resource book. What makes this book so stunning and inviting to open is the spot gloss UV coating over a matte laminated cover. Additionally, a metallic silver color and overall matte coating were used throughout the 276 page book. More...  

A quick turn-around time marked this overseas printing project more than anything (yes - even overseas!). Here's more detail: After the client ordered several thousand catalogs, another "emergency order" of 1,000 was placed at the end of a Friday. By Tuesday, they were on a plane headed for the US! More...


"Will printing offshore save me money - even on a 24 pager?" Absolutely! This catalog by Sessions, a premier clothing manufacturer for the snowboard & skateboard industry, is living proof. Surprisingly, overseas printing can be a good fit for a wide variety of projects, including this 24 page catalog. More...


This necker for the Bonny Doon Vineyard has been printed overseas -- for a reason: at 1.4 million pieces, price can make or break a project. In this case, Bonny Doon Vineyard enjoyed huge cost savings, even with elaborate die cuts and an elastic band. More...


Over 200 pages, this catalog for University of the Nations was definitely a step up from the previous year. With offshore production, they were able to print in full color, as well as use quality matte coated paper. Also, the cover includes an additional spot color and is matte laminated, giving it a nice feel, as well as tear protection. More...


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On the Mark provides award winning printing & design. Please click here to learn more about some of the awards we've received.