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 On the Mark Printing has forged alliances with access to some of the largest overseas printing partners in Asia and beyond. Also, On the Mark possesses a solid background in the printing industry. We don't contract out our overseas jobs. Instead, we have direct relationships with our offshore counterparts. This gives the customer much more control over milestones and timelines. There is no chance of miscommunication, which can be very common in this industry. Commitments are respected. ETAs are held.

In addition, we are able to deliver to you an actual copy of the final piece for you to sign off on before it goes to print. Not a typical color ink-jet proof or blue-line. And this actual copy includes folds, staples, die cuts, spot coatings, etc. What you see is what you get.

On the Mark will also shield you from any international issues that can crop up because you are dealing with a US corporation under US law. We have vast experience with clients from the Silicon Valley to the East Coast. We have successfully covered print projects for the US Postal Service, e-trade, Netflix and our vertical industry experience ranges from health care to entertainment, from educational institutions to religious organizations. We have worked in the hospitality and beverage industry, high tech hardware and software sectors.

We are totally committed to hand-holding you through the process of offshore printing to make the final product the best you can get anywhere for your investment.

Please contact us at the link below and allow us to quote you on your next printing project.


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